What is Disaster?

Natural Disaster is getting more frequent and destructive now days. IPCC said in their report that we will be facing more and more severe weather when the earth get heat up. Can we avoid the natural disaster? Unfortunately, it is not easy to be escaped from the natural disaster if you are leaving on this planet. The only solution is live with it and make it as a part of our life, just like our wise ancestors did thousands of years ago.

Many types of natural disaster can threaten human life and properties. For the example, if you are living in Malaysia, following are the list of the natural disaster that you might encounter:

Flooding – very high possibility

Tropical Cyclone/ Typhoon – high possibility

Landslides – high possibility

Haze – annual occurance

Tsunami – could happen again

Earthquake – happening in some area now

Tornado – happen sometimes

Volcano Eruption – could happen in neighbouring country that affecting the air quality and aviation system

Solar Flare – normal cycle of the Sun. Could cause disturbance of communication transmission and utilities such as electrical supply.


The NEXT thing after the Disaster

Natural disaster can be destructive, however, the worst scenario will be the lacking of society and institutional preparation in handling the disaster mitigation. In many disaster cases, we can see there are chaotic situation occurs after the natural disaster, e.g. robbery, social injustice, discrimination, environmental contamination, etc. The situation can be continue for very long period until it become social unrest. The destruction of natural disaster need to be handle carefully, while early preparation will help to reduce all the problem might occur after the tragedy.

Natural Disaster –> Environment Destruction –> Human Life and Economic Lost –> Social Problem


What if Disaster Hit?

In the Chinese character of “Risk” or “危机“, it is presented by both the wording of “Danger” (“危”) and “Opportunity” (“机”). However, to turn the danger into opportunity, we need to plan, to act, to prepare, and the most important – To be positive.


Be Positive | Be Proactive | Be Prepared | Be Ready

“Bring the RIGHT information at the RIGHT time to the RIGHT people for the RIGHT decision”