What Do You Need to Prepare an Emergency Kit?

Each emergency preparation need to be based on the needs of that particular person or family. The basic needs might be vary from one to another. Following reference provides the basic guideline for preparing the emergency kits


Basic Emergency Kit

Preparing the goods for the emergency needs when evacuation to safety place needed. At least 3 days of supply needed for the basic kit.

Click here for the Basic Emergency Kit Check List in PDF

Basic Emergency Kit Checklist (English)

基本应急物品清单 (Chinese)

Senarai Peralatan Kecermasan Asas (Bahasa Melayu)


Family Emergency Kit

Preparing the necessity for the family member during emergency situation indoor. At least 7 days of supply needed for the family kit. It is suggested to prepare them in an Emergency Box where all the family member know about the locations and the method to operate the tools.

Click here for the Family Emergency Kit Check List in PDF

Family Emergency Kit Checklist (English)

家庭应急物品清单 (Chinese)

Senarai Peralatan Kecermasan untuk Keluarga (Bahasa Melayu)


Emergency Contact List

During the disaster, children and old folk might be separated from the family. It is important to keep the emergency contact list and phone number in the emergency kit during evacuation so that any updated situation can be informed to the family.

Kindly filled in the following form and keep inside the emergency kit

Emergency Contact and Personal Information (PDF)

个人资料及紧急联络表格 (PDF)

 Maklumat Keluarga dan Nombor Hubungan Kecermasan (PDF)