U-turning Tropical Depression that hit Penang still located at Gulf of Thailand

7 November 2017

According to the Typhoon trajectory projection from JTWC, the tropical depression that caused serious disaster in Penang state still locating at the Gulf of Thailand and it is projected to gain its strength again after crossing the Southern Thailand into Bay of Bengal. (Update: this tropical depression dismissed after reentering the Gulf of Thailand. Not crossing the southern Thailand)

This “baby typhoon” make a sharp U-turn at Northern Peninsular Malaysia before returning back the Gulf of Thailand. It still posts a great threat to the Northern States of Malaysia as it is likely to develop into strong typhoon when crossing Thailand and Southern Myanmar.

(Update: this tropical depression was coded 29W or TC29, it is different from Typhoon Damrey coded 28W or TC28)

Source: http://www.usno.navy.mil/JTWC/