[Tsunami Alert] M7.8 Earthquake off Sumatra Island on 2 March 2016 20:49pm

A massive earthquake hit Western of Sumatra Island on 2 March 2016, 20:49 (GMT+8). According to USGS, the magnitude is recorded M7.8 Below is the image of the earthquake epicenter.

4.908 °S 94.275 °E depth=24.0 km (14.9 mi) (Picture source: USGS)

According to the latest update, Indonesia BMKG (Badan Meteorologi, Klimatologi dan Geofisika) already issued Tsunami Alert, and evacuation has started near the coastal area. The Alert involve area of Sumbar, Sumut, Nad, Bengkulu, Lampung. Due to the heavy traffic of BMKG website, please visiting BMKG Twitter for any further update on the Earthquake and Tsunami Alert at Western Sumatra.


BMKG Twitter Updates
BMKG Twitter Updates



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Updated: 2 March 2016, 22:07pm