Sorry, the PM10 concentration at Borneo is out of the range!


24 Oct 2015

Latest, PM10 concentration data from BMKG showed the PM10 concentration of Palangkaraya, Borneo crossed the 2000 ug/m3 level on 11 am today. At 3p.m., it recorded highest PM10 concentration of 2969 ug/m3.



Another source of data from AQICN showed the AQI of Palangkaraya is 999, where it could be due to the limitation of the AQI calculation that maximum AQI value that it is capable to calculate is 999.

20151024_palangkarayaAir Quality Index of Palangkaraya on 12 p.m. 24 October 2015 (

Yesterday ASMC satellite detected haze data showed that the transboudary haze from Kalimantan already reached Singapore, where the pollutant source is not from the Sumatra alone. ASMC data on 22 October showed the haze from Kalimantan has reached East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Luckily, we are also observing the changes of the Southwest monsoon wind to Northeast monsoon wind pattern. Within a few days, the thick haze of Kalimantan and Sumatra will be dispersed towards the Southern area.

ASMC haze and fire hotspot data on 23 October 2015
ASMC haze and fire hotspot data on 23 October 2015