ASMC Upgrade of Alert Level 2 to Alert Level 3 for Kalimantan

ASMC, 9 Sep 2015

The prevailing dry weather in Kalimantan has led to a further escalation of hotspot activities there in recent weeks. Persistent hotspot clusters with widespread moderate to dense haze have been detected mainly in the western, southern and central parts of Kalimantan. Based on surveillance by the NOAA-18 satellite, 401 and 333 hotspots were detected in Kalimantan on 4 September and 5 September respectively. Although the hotspot counts have since decreased, widespread haze continue to persist in large parts of Kalimantan. Some haze from Kalimantan has spread to the western parts of Sarawak and affected the air quality there.

In the coming days, the current dry weather conditions over Kalimantan are expected to persist. Under the prevailing wind conditions, transboundary smoke haze could continue to spread to Sarawak and other parts of the region.

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