Strong Tropical Cyclone Ruby might caused heavy rain fall in Sabah on 23 September 2050

“Strong tropical cyclone Ruby with wind speed 250 km/h and wind burst max 290 km/h is expecting to cause heavy rainfall on Sabah, Brunei and Northern Sarawak when it passing the Sula Sea and Palawan Island 23 September 2050. In Philippines, the PASAGA authority already urge the coastal residence to evacuate to Evacuation Center as the storm surge is expecting to be a few meters high. Similar warning has been given by the MetMalaysia to the residence of Sabah’s coastal area to evacuate, and the people living in hilly landslide prone area are advice to evacuate immediately if landslide early sign observed. There is possibility of coastal flooding in Kota Kinabalu as the storm surge and heavy rainfall coincidentally meeting the high tide. It will cause the excessive rain water unable to be flush out into the sea.”

Yes, this could be the scenario in September 2050 if the global community is not taking immediate action to prevent the climate change impact in the coming Climate Change Summit 23 September 2014 that will take place in UN HQ NYC.

Watch the video of weather forecast of Philippines in September 2050 below


Let’s take action to stop climate change.