News: El Nino ‘drying up’ Lubok Antu rivers

4 Aug 2014, The Borneo Post

LUBOK ANTU: The dry season caused by the El Nino phenomenon has hit Lubok Antu.

Water levels in rivers are low and waterfalls have literally “dried up”. Even the water level at the Batang Ai hydro dam has dropped.

The sporadic rainfall did not change much the situation at the dam site, said Donny Kipa from Sebangki Panjai yesterday.

“As it did not rain frequently, the water level remained low. This is probably because of the El Nino phenomenon.”

Meanwhile, Sri Aman Public Works Department (JKR) engineer Cassidy Morris said the water level at the Bayai water treatment plant here was also low.

“Although the water level is low, we do not declare the situation a crisis. I appeal to the public not to waste water during this drought period. Please help conserve water.”

Cassidy also advised the people to alert Sri Aman JKR during office hours of any water woes by calling 083-321620.


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