News: Typhoon Neoguri cause of dry spell

The Star, 9 Jul 2014

PETALING JAYA: Typhoon Neoguri which has barrelled across the southern Japanese islands of Okinawa is causing the hot and dry spell in Malaysia.

Malaysian Meteorological Department (MMD) spokesman Dr Hisham Mohd Anip said the typhoon dragged in moisture from surrounding areas, including Malaysia, which had led to the dry weather over the past few days.

“Sometimes, however, the moisture can turn into dense clouds and produce rain, which is why we expect Sabah and Sarawak to experience some rainfall,” said Dr Hisham.

On whether the typhoon would strike Malaysia, he said: “There is no way it will hit us as it is in the far north.”

It was reported that the strong Typhoon Neoguri hit the southern islands of Okinawa yesterday, with sustained winds at a speed of 175kph and gusts as fast as 250kph.

The typhoon was also reported to have generated waves of up to 14m high.

The Japan Meteorological Agency, which issued its highest alert over the typhoon, said the storm could be one of the worst to strike the country in decades.

MMD’s atmospheric science and cloud-seeding division director Azhar Ishak said the department is continuing its cloud-seeding exercise.

He, however, said it is subjected to the atmospheric conditions.

Meanwhile, a check with the Selangor Water Management Authority showed that there was minimal rainfall of 1.98mm registered yesterday at the Sungai Selangor dam, which supplies water to at least 60% of the households in the Klang Valley. At press time, the level at the dam stood at 41.29%, still above the critical level of 30%.Other dams such as the Klang Gates and Langat recorded water levels of 76% and 67.22% respectively.

On the El Nino phenomenon, MMD said whether Malaysia had experienced its effects would be confirmed only by the end of this year or between November and December.