Satellite detected local haze at Peninsular Malaysia on 9 March 2014

The MODIS Aqua satellite image on 9 March 2014 clearly show the haze at two areas, where one on the west coast that extended from Negeri Sembilan-Klang Valley up to Perak state, while another haze area extended from Pahang down to Johor west coast.

The wild fire at the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia around Kuantan and Pekan causing wide spread of haze coverage down to Johor. The haze can also be observed extended into the South China Sea area. This haze event is solely caused by the local wild fire events, not from the transboundary haze from Sumatra, although Indonesia is facing serious haze at Riau province. The northeast monsoon play an important role in preventing the haze from Sumatra reaching the Peninsular.

Unfortunately, current dry spell make the fire fighting effort difficult. If the current wild fire did not manage carefully, there could be a greater challenge when the “predicted” El Nino event starting in next few months. Serious local haze, added with the transboundary pollutant might cause the Air Pollutant Index making a new record later this year.




MODIS Aqua Satellite Image Courtesy: