Turbid water can hamper the discovery of MH370

The Turbid Water Plume from Cape of Camau is annual phenomena during the winter monsoon season. This water plume can be easily detected by the satellite.

If the MH370 was located within this area, the high turbidity might hamper the search and discovery of the plane.

Below MODIS Aqua satellite images on 7 March 2014 show the turbid water plume from the  Cape of Camau. Brownish color in the blue ocean (in the red box) show the area of the turbid water on 7 March 2014.

MODIS Aqua RBG True Color Image on 7 March 2014.



More detail view of the turbid water region (using 500m resolution)


turbid water



The MODIS Aqua 547nm band will be able to capture high turbid water area with ease as there is high reflectance from the suspended sediment in the water. The white color area located within the red box below indicate turbid water region.



Satellite image courtesy:

  1. Ocean Color Web
  2. Rapid Response LANCE Near Real Time Data