Ranau school suffers cracks due to quake

Daily Express, 4 Feb 2014

Kota Kinabalu: A school building suffered minor cracks following the weak earthquake which occurred about 16km northeast of Ranau on Feb 1.

State Education Director Datuk Jame Alip said Public Works Department (PWD) technical officers and District Education officers visited SMK Matupang Jaya and the surau on Monday morning to inspect the damage.

“The technical officers from the Public Works Department and District Education officers decided to visit the school this morning to inspect the safety of the building,” he said, adding that the old cracks caused from last year’s earthquake in Kudat had resurfaced.

The latest earthquake measured 4.8 on the Richter scale while the previous one, 3.7.

However, according to him, classes at the school went on as usual.

“So far, we have only received one report of damage due to the recent earthquake in Ranau from SMK Matupang Jaya and I advise all District Education officers to engage themselves with school principals, especially when such incidents occur, so that further actions may be taken,” he said after delivering his annual address, here, Monday.

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