Mini-tornado in Malaysia

Super Tornado is not common in Malaysia, however, some mini-tornado did happen and caused serious destruction in many parts of Malaysia including the metropolitan area.

Following information is adopted from The Star on how to identify and prepare for these mini-tornado:

“How to identify an oncoming mini-tornado and what action to take”

The first sign is the progressive darkening of the sky.

The presence of the mini-tornado can sometimes be seen as a funnel-shaped cloud but in many cases this cloud is nearly invisible against the background.

This is followed by sudden strong gusts of wind.

One should immediately seek shelter inside a nearby building to avoid being struck by falling items or trees.

Sometimes, a sound like a train passing by accompanies the mini-tornado. If this can be heard, then building occupants should take shelter under the table or bed to prevent being injured by damaged roofs.

Those interested in photographing a mini-tornado, if they see one, should take precaution since they can fall victim to falling items.

ZAHAR, Kuala Lumpur.