Southeast Asia fire hot spot during winter monsoon

To many of the Southeast Asian, we are concerned about the haze episode caused by the wild fire where sometimes causing serious health and economic lost to the region. However, most of our attention are focus on the wild fire event during the summer monsoon, where Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei always blame Indonesia for causing the trouble; while the serious wide spread of wild fire during winter wasn’t get the public attention.

The wild fire at the Indochina peninsular, like Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Myanmar is not in the lesser scale compare to the summer wild fire event. Sometimes, it cause serious health and economic lost as well. Below image show the MODIS hot spot image on March 31, 2013.

Indochina Hot Spot March 31, 2013


With the deterioration of the nature environment by the wide spread of wild fire during winter monsoon, there is a serious need to control and prevent such reoccurring annual environment problem in the Southeast Asia. The transboundary  air pollution problem in the whole Southeast Asia need to be tackled equally by including both summer and winter wild fire event in the ASEAN haze agreement. Resources is needed to be allocated to reduce the winter wild fire by regional corporation.