News: BPBD Jakarta suggests residents avoid going out

The Jakarta Post, 17 Jan 2013

The Jakarta Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD) has urged residents to avoid leaving their homes, if possible, during the floods and downpours that have struck many parts of the capital on Thursday.

“We suggest the residents of Jakarta, if it is possible, stay at home and avoid going out in order to reduce severe congestion on the city’s streets,” the agency said in a statement distributed to journalists.

The agency also reminded the residents who left home to go to work to secure the valuable documents in a safe, high place in anticipation of possible flooding.

According to BPBD Jakarta, additional areas in the capital are expected to experience flooding as the water levels at several sluice gates continue to rise. The agency said that blackouts in several parts of the city had affected water pumps. “We cannot operate some water pumps due to electricity blackouts,” the agency said.

Residents who need immediate flood-related information can reach BPBD’s hotline at 164. The agency has also prepared several phone numbers for emergency situations. (lfr)

BPBD’s telephone numbers for floods emergency situation:

South Jakarta: (021) 72790109

East Jakarta: (021) 48702160

West Jakarta: (021) 5682284

North Jakarta: (021) 43930152 or 43934752

Central Jakarta: (021) 38433723

City Hall: (021) 3822212, 3823211, 3500000