World Natural Catastraphes Event 2012

Latest report from Munich RE shows the natural disaster of 2012 was mainly dominated by USA. While there is very clear increasing trend of natural disaster event since 1980. The total number of Natural Disaster already doubled in 30 years time, which is a worrying situation.

“The USA accounted for a higher proportion of global natural catastrophe losses than usual in 2012, due to a series of severe weather-related catastrophes. Last year, natural catastrophes caused US$ 160bn in overall losses and US$ 65bn in insured losses worldwide. Some 67% of overall losses and 90% of insured losses were attributable to the USA – the respective averages are 32% and 57%. The year’s highest insured loss was caused by Hurricane Sandy, with an estimated amount of around US$ 25bn.” – Munich RE.


Natural Catastrophes World Map 2012

Natural Catastrophes 1980-2012

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