News: Situation in flood-hit states improves

The Star, 28 Dec 2012

KUALA LUMPUR: The situation in the flood-hit east coast states of Pahang, Kelantan and Terengganu improved slightly overnight, with a drop in the number of evacuees.

According to the respective state governments’ websites, the number of evacuees at 9am on Friday was 22,093, down from 23,235 Thursday.

Of these, Pahang had 410 evacuees compared to 435 last night, Kelantan had 6,457 from 7,000 last night, and Terengganu stood at 15,226 compared to Thursday’s 15,800.

In PAHANG, a state flood operations spokesman said 366 evacuees from six villages in the Kuantan district were staying at relief centres in SK Galing, Kampung Soi community hall, Kampung Pahang community hall and SMK Gudang Rasau.

“The other 44 evacuees are being housed at SK Sinar Mutiara in the Pekan district,” he said.

He said all major roads in the state were accessible to cars, and no flood-related deaths had been reported.

In KELANTAN, the 6,457 evacuees are at 24 relief centres, with 3,775 in Pasir Mas, 2,467 in Tumpat, 197 in Kota Baru and 18 in Pasir Puteh.

The state government’s online portal reported that all major rivers except Sungai Golok had dropped to their normal water levels.

It also said that no flood-related deaths were reported in the state, and that the weather was fine.

The duty-free zone in Rantau Panjang was reportedly still flooded, and most traders had not opened for business. – Bernama