News: Preppers all prepared for the worst

The Star, 21 December 2012

PETALING JAYA: There are various predictions of an apocalypse today, with talk of tsunamis and earthquakes destroying buildings around the world and some claiming that a planet called Nibiru will emerge from behind the Sun and put itself on a collision course with Earth.

While most Malaysians seem to be taking these “doomsday” predictions lightly, many have stocked up on food and other essentials fearing a massive natural disaster.

“We have all read about the prediction. Whether it is true or not, we will only know for sure over the next few days. It is best to be prepared,” said a general manager of a logistics company known only as Ranjit, 55.

He believes there could be a drastic weather change and has got winter clothing ready for himself and his family.

“It could snow in Malaysia tomorrow,” he said, adding that he would fight to survive and keep his family safe.

A Malaysian blogger, known only as Bala Joe, believes a major solar storm will bring down power grids and leave millions without electricity for months.

His storeroom is stocked with canned food, baby diapers and milk powder, a large stove as well as boxes of charcoal.

“Our water supply can last for three days and I plan to buy larger water containers,” he said, adding that his preparations went beyond Dec 21, as anything could happen any time soon.

He also carries a survival kit which he keeps in the boot of his car, in case he is not at home when disaster strikes.

“The roads may be flooded or severely damaged, the weather may be too severe to venture out, public transportation may break down and in a worst case scenario, violent riots may break out,” he wrote in his blog.

He suggested “preppers” keep enough food and water to last for 72 hours, a first aid kit, fire starting tool, maps and travel information and camping equipment in the bag.

On Facebook, a group called “Malaysian Doomsday Preppers” has been sharing information on surviving the day.

Among the posts by the page administrators were “I believe in doomsday, I believe in zombie apocalypse, I believe that tsunami can happen in Malaysia, I believe a mysterious incurable epidemic can happen too. I believe, therefore I became a prepper.”