News: Floods and more floods sink spirits of four families

The Star, 3 Dec 2012

POKOK SENA: Four families of 20 people in Kampung Kolon here are counting their losses amounting to thousands of ringgit after their homes were hit by flash floods five times within a week.

A flash flood occurred at about 6pm on Saturday, which was believed to have been caused by rain water that overflowed from the narrow, shallow drains along the Pokok Sena-Alor Setar main road.

The flash floods inundated the houses located on low-lying land.

A houseowner Hamsi Darus, 35, said the water level rose so fast that they could not save their belongings.

“Our houses would be flooded each time if it rained for more than an hour,” he said when met yesterday.

Hamsi said the series of flash floods which started last week was the worst as it happened five times and they had to sleep in their homes filled with several inches of flood water.

Halimah Husin, 76, said her house was flooded for only about half a metre about 30 years ago, but this time it rose up to more than a metre.

“We had built a bund to stop the floodwaters from reaching our house, but it was all in vain.

“I hope the authorities would do something to prevent the flash floods from recurring,” she added.

The Kampung Kolon federal security and development committee chairman, Tajudin Said had reported the flash flood problem to the state Public Works Department.

“But so far, no action had been taken to deepen and widen the drains,” he claimed. — Bernama