Preparing Family Emergency Kit for 4 people

How to prepare an Emergency Kit for your family?

People always wondering how to make the emergency kit for the family which will be used during an emergency evacuation. Here, we will provide step-by-step instruction on how to prepare a basic and simple emergency kit.

Things needed:

Water-proof beg (here we used the Tapoline 30L beg)
Water = 4 x 1.5L drinking water
Food = Biscut x 3, Soft Can Food x 6, Instant 3-in-1 beverage sachet x 4
Light = 1 x hand crank LED torchlight, 2 x luminating baton, 1 x lighter
Shelter = 4 x emergency blanket
Personal hygiene = black trash begs x 20, tissue paper x 8 small pack, wet tissue x 4, soap
Tools = hand glove x 4, knife, rope, food container + fork + spoon
Stationary = pen, small booklet

1. Get all the needed things ready.
2. Put the heavy and bulky water and soft can food at the bottom.
3. Prepare a small plastic beg, keep all shelter, hygiene, tools and stationary in it. Then, put it on top of the food and water items.
4. Take another small plastic beg, put all the light itmes in it. Put it in the emergency beg.
5. Lastly, put all the foor items on the top.
6. Prepare a checklist, for the record the expired date of the food items. Keep it on the top of the beg.
7. Close or sealed the beg. Explain to the family members and place it near the exit.

Some other things that you can prepare in the kit:
– Emergency contact list
– photo copy of the identity card
– first aid kit, family member’s medicine

Below is the completed Family Emergency Kit for outdoor and evacuation purposes.