Kedah, Perlis and Southern Thailand hit by “Baby Cyclone” in 2010

Southern Thailand and Northern Peninsular Malaysia hit by “Baby Cyclone”

There was serious flooding event in Southern Thailand and northern Peninsular Malaysia, particularly Perlis and Kedah in November 2010. The Malaysian accused Thailand for “releasing” their flood water into the Malaysia, however, it was just empty accuse without any proof. When haze occur, we blame Indonesia for their fire (where some fires caused by own Malaysian company); when flood occur, we blame Thailand for letting flood water to Malaysia; while our drain and water way is blocked by the rubbish from our home. The truth is, it was caused by the tropical depression occur in South China Sea that passing the area.

Tropical Depression is the early stage of cyclone/typhoon/hurricane formation, or the BABY cyclone. The name of the cyclone causing trouble is called “Jal”, or it means “water” in Sanskrit. When Cyclone Jal passing Malaysia and Thailand, it was still in the infant stage; when it reach the Bay of Bengal, it gained its strength and become the “Adult” cyclone.

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By looking at the tropical cyclone event in Malaysia, most of the major event is caused by the cyclone formed in the South China Sea during the end of cyclone season and added with the influence from the monsoon wind. Both cyclone Vamei and tropical storm Greg that cause serious destruction were originated from South China Sea.

We are now facing the end of cyclone season and beginning of the winter monsoon, what if there is a chance for the formation of Hurricane Sandy level of tropical cyclone? Are we prepared?