Torch Light and Battery

Battery and Torch Light

Important Equipment in the Emergency Kit – Torch Light

In the emergency kits, there are some important equipments need to be prepared. One of the important equipment is the torch light. This small equipment plays an important role in not only providing light, but it is an important tool that providing the feel of security. The selection of suitable torch light is important, it need to be durable, light to carry, and water proof.


On top of that, you need to check the battery type of the torch light, if it is normal replacable battery or the rechargable battery. One of the common mistake occur when using the torch light in an emergency, they found that whether there is no battery or the battery already run out of power. It is due to the torch light has not been used for very long time and the battery is not replace. As the result, it is important to prepare the torch light with the battery as well.

Some of the new torch light is detach rechargable battery. This type of torch light need to be charged from time to time as the battery power will be reducing by time. And the battery charger need to be placed with the torch light, or need to have backup battery back for charging in the emergency.

The Torch Light is also an important tools in seeking for assistance. When there is rescue air plane, helicopter, boat, or vehicle pass by, the user can use the flash light to inform them your existence.

Learning S.O.S Signal

SOS (Save Our Souls) is known as the international distress signal. The SOS signal can be transmitted by any method, either by visual or audio.

The code for SOS is 3 short, 3 long and 3 short signals. Pause. Repeat the signal.

“• • • — — — • • •” “• • • — — — • • •” “• • • — — — • • •”