Why preparing the Marufish World for Disaster Preparedness?

What is Marufish?

In the legend of Japan, there is a big fish underneath the earth that will caused earthquake. This legend has been passed from generation to generation in order to remind the people that natural disaster can happen any time and they always need to be prepared.

Marufish is also a big rounded fish that will always remind people about the danger of natural disaster and encouraging people to be always prepared. Marufish believes that it is better to learn from education rather from tragedy. The public need to be prepared both mentally and physically.

Increasing natural disaster globally

IPCC reported that our warming world will bring more intense and frequent natural disaster to the world population. With the increasing population, each disaster will be more devastating than before to the human races. The global community has put great effort in disaster reduction and mitigation, however, they are costly and time consuming. Sometimes, disaster reduction involve greater engineering scale that will bring large impact to the environment and people.

Bring the Disaster Preparedness Locally

In the event of disaster, self preparedness is the key issue in keeping the victim survive and go through the difficult time successfully. In stead of waiting for the helping hand from outside, every member in the community has the responsibility to take care of ourselves when the disaster hit. However, early preparation and plan will help to reduce the impact of the disaster. While early preparation can be helpful in faster recovery of the community too.

Marufish sincerely hope that there won’t be any devastating disaster that will caused lost of of human life and property.